Nearly everyone is familiar with “Mercury Retrograde” and its attendant communication snafus.  However, at any given time, one or more planets are likely to be undergoing this backward motion in the zodiac.  Planets do not really move backward, of course, but only appear to do so when seen from earth.  This retrograde motion actually makes for some differences in the way each planet’s aspects and sign placement are interpreted.  Just to help you get your “backward” bearings, the nearest planetary retrograde dates during the year 2020 can be found below, along with their usual interpretive meanings. Please visit “PLANETARY MOVEMENT” for details.

Mercury Retrograde

 02/17/2020 (12-Degree 53′ Pisces) – 03/10/2020 (28-Degree 12′ Aquarius);  06/18/2020 (14-Degree 45′ Cancer) – 07/12/2020 (05-Degree 29′ Cancer);  10/14/2020 (11-Degree 40′ Scorpio) – 11/03/2020 (25-Degree 57′ Libra)

Tend to projects and tasks with extra diligence.  Revise a forgotten manuscript, return unused merchandise, and try on  clothing and shoes that you are considering purchasing.  Verify that orders and letters arrive and  are understood correctly.  A change in circumstances may make a previous partner more appealing now.  Make sure that your important mails, such as payment for insurance premium, get posted prior to the due date.  Those born with Mercury retrograde are often shy early in life, but more than make up for it later on!


Venus Retrograde

05/13/2020 (21-Degree 50′ Gemini) –  06/25/2020 (05-Degree 20′ Gemini)

Under a retrograde Venus, appearance and social life will tend to be looked at more objectively and less impulsively.  Partnerships can be stable and steady now, but only if partners can maintain some emotional distance between each other.  Those born with Venus retrograde may turn their social and romantic sides inward in youth, becoming more expressive later in life, and the opposite trend tends to hold for those with Venus direct.


Mars Retrograde

09/09/2020 (28-Degree 08′ Aries) — 11/14/2020 (15-Degree 14′ Aries)

Retrograde periods are useful for planning and strategy.  With Mars retrograde, you should seriously consider waiting before you decide to start a new job, file a lawsuit, buy a new car, undergo any elective surgery, or even get married.  Those who are born with Mars retrograde channeled their passions and their anger into actions relating to global issues.


Jupiter Retrograde

05/14/2020 (27-Degree 14′ Capricorn) – 09/13/2020 (17-Degree 24′ Capricorn)

Rethink philosophical challenges and religious activities.  Engage in philanthropic work.  Reevaluate previous beliefs, legal matters, and management policies.  Faith in government, education, experts and law is questioned.  Folks born with Jupiter retrograde make great travel agents who prefer to stay home, and great sports coaches who don’t play the game.


Saturn Retrograde

05/11/2020 (01-Degree 57′ Aquarius) –  09/29/2020 (25-Degree 20′ Capricorn) 

Maintain the status quo in your career or your social position, and allow this period to pass before breaking ground for any new structure.  Folks born with Saturn retrograde tend to be successful administrators and career counselors.


Uranus Retrograde

08/11/2019 (06-Degree 36′ Taurus) –  01/11/2020 (02-Degree 39′ Taurus);  08/15/2020 (10-Degree 41′ Taurus) –  01/14/2021 (06-Degree 43′ Taurus) 

Stick with tested concepts and methods.  You should reconsider previous manifestations of separation, individuality, and invention that may have failed before.  You view life in a more detached way, devoid of sentiment, yet you function well in a day-to-day world.  Uranus retrograde may not be successful for first-time breaks from personal, family, or business partnerships.


Neptune Retrograde

06/22/2020 (20-Degree 57′ Pisces) –  11/28/2020 (18-Degree 09′ Pisces)

Time to renew spiritually, avoid judgment and criticism, and accepting  experience unfettered by limited moral labels.  Neptune retrograde periods are a good time to hone and refine your creative powers by turning your attention to any neglected artistic expressions and talents. Those with Neptune retrograde are often successful at educating others in arts, music, and mathematics.


Pluto Retrograde

 04/25/2020 (24-Degree 59′ Capricorn) –  10/04/2020 (22-Degree 29′ Capricorn)

This is a time to begin to cleanse pollution both from our bodies and from our immediate environment.  Pluto requires acquiring a broader perspective of the process of life,  learning  the responsibilities of power, and  teaching others to use powerful tools without destroying themselves and others.


(Spring Liao, Updated 12/11/2019)