The Private You Versus The Public You

The Midheaven sign, the sign on your Tenth House cusp, of your Birth Chart shows the public image.  The opposite house, Fourth House, is the private image that represents what you really think of yourself.

For example:  Leo on the Tenth House cusp, Aquarius on the Fourth House cusp:  Leo on the 10th House cusp will give people the image that  you are entertaining, creative, self-confident, dramatic, and extroverted.  However, with Aquarius on the 4th House cusp, you view yourself unusual, reclusive, and detached.  Aquarius is friendly just as Leo is, but only when the mood permits.  Leo is the “party person,” and Aquarius is “the loner.”

The following opposite signs of the Zodiac, the signs on the 10th and  4th Houses cusps, describe the difference between the private self and the public self  for each type.

Aries on the 10th House Cusp, Libra on the 4th House Cusp:   People see you in the public as innovative, independent, and a stranger in career associates.  But with Libra on the 4th House cusp, you need a partner to make your life easier, and  to help you take care of business so you wouldn’t have to be so alone.

Taurus on the 10th House Cusp, Scorpio on the 4th House Cusp:  People always think that you want money, or need money, or you are possessive, or you are lazy.  But with Scorpio on the 4th House cusp, the real you is dedicated, deep feeling, easily hurt, and fiercely loyal.

Gemini on the 10th House Cusp, Sagittarius on the 4th House Cusp:   People think that you are restless, you flit from here to there, you move around from house to house, and change your job frequently.  People also think that you are very talkative and always trying to teach them something.  But with Sagittarius on the 4th House cusp, you keep a lot of your wisdom to yourself.  You enjoy learning new things, and you are privately religious.  You really would like to tell the world the truth, but you will keep that to yourself.

Cancer on the 10th House Cusp, Capricorn on the 4th House Cusp:   People think that you are nurturing and you want to take care of those around you.  You love to mother the world.  And, you enjoy public acceptance.  But with Capricorn on the 4th House cusp, you privately are really a solitary person, not easily expressing your feelings to others about yourself.  You are in charge and can take care of yourself.  You demand respect from others, and you do not want people to analyze you.

Leo on the 10th House Cusp, Aquarius on the 4th House Cusp:  When people meet you for the first time, they think that you are entertaining, creative, self-confident, dramatic, and extroverted.  But, with Aquarius on the 4th House cusp, you feel very different.  You feel unusual, not like other people.  You are reclusive and detached, too.  You do not like to get  involved with the world in a personal way.  You consider yourself a “loner.”

Virgo on the 10th House Cusp, Pisces on the 4th House Cusp:  People get the impression that you love to work.  They may even think that you are a workaholic because you are detail-minded and very organized, logical, and even scientific.  But, with Pisces on the 4th House cusp,  you privately are a dreamer.  You are a person who are creative, idealistic, artistic, and even self-sacrificing.  You are also quite emotional, and sensitive.  You hide your vulnerability and sensitivity from the outsiders.  Nobody knows about the real you.

Libra on the 10th House Cusp, Aries on the 4th House Cusp:  It seems that you are everybody’s friend and you cooperate with the public.  It also seems that you are artistic,  you are concerned with  the fairness, and you do not like to get into confrontations with others.  But with Aries on the 4th House cusp, you privately always put yourself first.  You always do your own things when you are at home or by yourself.  You are very independent really.  You initiate many of the things that you want to accomplish in life, and you do not need anyone’s help or interference.

Scorpio on the 10th House Cusp, Taurus on the 4th House Cusp:  You seem intense or mysterious to others.  You do not trust strangers, and you do not want people to mess with you.  If they do, they will be liable to be sorry, or even get hurt somehow.  But with Taurus on the 4th House cusp, you are a person who is very interested in beautiful things like art, music, and beautiful people.  You love to relax with family and friends, and especially eating meals with them.  Your pleasures are conventional and earthy.

Sagittarius on the 10th House Cusp, Gemini on the 4th House Cusp:  People see you as adventurous, big-hearted, and religious and very spiritual.  They also see you like taking chances, being independent and fun-loving.  But with Gemini on the 4th House cusp, you are really a teacher (may be of spiritual matters), a communicator, and a collector of ideas and information.  You are always learning new things and teaching others what you have learned.  And, you may change residence often.

Capricorn on the 10th House Cusp, Cancer on the 4th House Cusp:  You look like a career person.  You appear to be the boss or at least the bossy type.  You may seem serious, conventional and demanding of others’ respect.  People can not easily approach you in public, even at social gatherings and parties.  But, with Cancer on the 4th House cusp,  your private nature is sensitive, protective and motherly, or at least parental.  You like family and kids, and they don’t have to be your own.  And, you can take care of yourself.  But, no one knows this unless they have the opportunity or the self-confidence to get close to you.

Aquarius on the 10th House Cusp, Leo on the 4th House Cusp:  You look so friendly and you appear to most people to be a great humanitarian.  You seem to be very broad-minded about social issues.  And, you are easily approachable and always interested in getting to know people around you and their ideas.  But, with Leo on the 4th House cusp, you inwardly are a proud person who needs a lot of recognition and approval.  You feel special and blessed with so many talents.  You are loaded with self-worth, and need attention and admiration frequently.  Your ego can not stand to be ignored or neglected.

Pisces on the 10th House Cusp, Virgo on the 4th House Cusp:  People see you as a person who cares very much for what happens to humanity.  You look sweet or shy, and very quiet.  You seem like a private person with much sensitivity and intuition about others’ feelings,  and you may even appear to be self-sacrificing.  You never push yourself ahead of the crowd, and are always humble, and usually play down your abilities and talents.  But, with Virgo on the 4th House cusp, you secretly like to work,  and can’t get enough of it.  You are health conscious, hate germs and dirt, and if you don’t feel well, you get in a very bad mood.  But, you still keep on working, and serving others in some capacity.  You are proud of yourself on what a good worker you are, and how detailed and organized you can be.  You know that others need you, and that makes you feel great.

Since the sign Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th House, and the Moon rules Cancer, your Moon sign may either reinforce your private feelings or contradict them in a big way.

For example, if you have the Moon in Scorpio and Pisces on the 4th House Cusp, then you feel more comfortable behind the scenes than out in the public.

But, if you have the Moon in Scorpio, and Aquarius (the “loner” sign) on the 4th House cusp, and thus Leo (the “entertainer” sign) on the 10th House cusp,  you are a very private person who needs a lot of alone time.  Yet, you are someone the public sees you as outgoing, dramatic, and very entertaining.  In fact, you may even be an actor or actress, whether professionally or as a hobby.

You also need to take into account the planets located in the 10th and 4th Houses.  They can affect even more on how you appear to the world and how you feel inside.

If you have two or more planets in the 10th House, you value your public reputation or your career highly.  What the society thinks of you may be more important than how you feel inwardly.  You must be careful not to become imbalanced by placing too much emphasis on how you think you should appear in the eyes of society and not placing enough value on what you as an individual wants for your own needs.

A strong 10th House without compassion and wisdom does not guarantee happiness.  Something else is the creator of happiness.  In Buddhist terms, it is the mind; the attitude is the creator of happiness, not the objects.

If you have two or more planets in your 4th House and none in the 10th House, you may not care too much how the world judges you, you want to be yourself, and enjoy your leisure activities whatever they may be.  You may be a homebody, not wanting to deal with the public in any important way.

Planets in the 10th House may make you especially interested in being in the public eye, especially Jupiter (the planet of expansion) or Saturn (the planet of responsibility and discipline).

Planets in the 4th House might make you more of a private person, especially the Sun (your ego) or the Moon (your feelings).  Try to blend the sign and the planets in both houses to get a more accurate picture of how you appear to others and how you feel about yourself.



Reflexology works by applying pressure to the relfex points on the head, hands, and most commonly, the feet.  It acts to clear nervous and tissue congestion, removing accumulated toxins from them and encouraging the body’s own innate healing ability.  Reflexology divides the body into five longitudinal zones and four transverse zones, with reflex points in the hand, head, but especially the feet; pressure applied to  points in these zones stimulates balance and healing.  Each sign of the zodiac is prone to certain health weaknesses.  By applying a little healing wisdom, we can prevent disease rather than wait for a cure.

Aries:  This sign can suffer from headaches brought on by stress.  Try placing your right thumb on the base of the big toe of the right foot, close to the inner edge.  Perform three tiny caterpillar walks, moving upwards, towards the tip of the toe.

Taurus:  You are vulnerable to sore throats.  Rotating the big toe will help to alleviate stiffness in the neck and stimulate healing in the throat.  Using your index finger, “walk” across the front base of the big toe, working from the outside to the inside.

Gemini:  To help breathing and aid relaxation, start on the lung reflex point of the foot (the area that comprises the ball of the foot, located where the toes join the rest of the foot) and work downward to the diaphragm line, located at the base of the ball of the foot.  Thumb-walk until the whole area has been covered.

Cancer:  The breasts are weak points, so work on the top surface of the foot and the back of the hand.

Leo:  The heart is the Lion’s weak point.  Support the top of the left foot with your left hand and massage, using your thumb, the upper third of the sole of the left foot, going in a circular direction.  Use your right index finger to massage the upper third of the top of the foot.

Virgo:  Because you worry a little too much, digestion can be problem.  Work on the soles  of both feet and massage right about the center of the foot.  Repeat the caterpillar-walk technique in horizontal rows.

Libra:  The kidney can be a problem, so look to the central indentation in the foot that divides the ball from the arch.  Don’t apply too much pressure there, as this area is often tender.

Scorpio:  The reproductive system is the one to watch.  To stimulate this area, draw an imaginary diagonal line from the outer anklebone to the heel.  The midpoint of this line is the ovary.  Use your index finger to perform small, circular movements over this reflex point.

Sagittarius:  The thighs can be an area of weakness, so search out the hip and leg reflexes.  The reflexes for the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks are found all around the heel and the two padded areas on the base of the hand.

Capricorn:  The knees and skin are of concerns, so rub the outer tip of the ear, as this helps any allergy and skin irritation.

Aquarius:  The ankles are a weak point, so do some ankle rotations to help increase flexibility and mobility there.  These movements will have a positive effect on the back and pelvis.

Pisces:  Feet can be a problem, so a light foot rock is ideal for stimulating circulation and increasing relaxation.  Place the palms of your hands on either side of the foot.  Move them alternately and quickly from side to side so the foot vibrates