Discover your Lucky Planets

We come into this world with strikes against us, both in our Birth Charts and in our sociological circumstances.  No matter what might happen, there is always a chance for happiness.  The following astrological information will help you find something good in a situation that is inherently bad.

To begin with, you will need to have an astrological Birth Chart, an astrological calendar which shows the transits currently taking place, and an ephemeris which shows the transits in the coming years.


Where the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter sit in your Birth Chart can be the bright spots in your life.  You can look for good things from these planets regardless of what is going on elsewhere.

Jupiter is called the “Great Fortune” by astrologers, because it is the main source of good fortune in the Birth Chart.  It represents laughter, generosity, optimism, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude.  Naturally, everyone has Jupiter somewhere in the Birth Chart, and this is the area where you can look for luck to come your way.  But, some placements are more fortune than others.

The Sun is physical and emotional energy.  Through it you radiate your personality, attitude, and selfhood.  Your Sun-sign is the way you see yourself and the way in which you identify and go after your goals.

Venus is femininity in women; but it also represents good taste, indulgence, and the talent to draw good things to you without any real effort on your part.  Venus is called the “Lesser Fortune,” because it acts as a magnet for lucky people and events in your life, but its influence is not as strong as Jupiter does.

While the Moon itself is not considered a particularly lucky planetary influence, it does rule your emotional life.  Therefore, when the Moon is placed in an upbeat or high-energy sign, it is often a means of keeping your spirits high when things go wrong in other areas of your life.


We think of luck as something wonderful that happens during specific transits.  But, luck is also built into your Birth Chart by the presence of Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun.  Now, look at your Birth Chart to know where the “lucky points” are in your chart in order to maximize their benefits.

Listed below, you will find at least one of the natal characteristics in your chart, or one of the “lucky transits” sometime in the coming years.


Lucky Transits

The transits that are most likely to bring good luck into yor life include the Jupiter Return, Venus Return, and Solar (Sun) Return.  It is also fortunate to have any of these planets transiting your First House (self and health), Second House (personal finances), and Tenth House (career and reputation).

It takes the Sun one year to move through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, so it spends approximately one month in each sign.  Each year we experience a Solar Return. You can always depend on the month that it transits your particular Sun-Sign (before, during, and after your birthday) to be filled with good things.  During the period you will have lots of high-energy pursuits, plenty of opportunities for success, and the enthusiasm to start new projects and complete them with flourish.

A Venus Return occurs about every thirteen months. Venus Returns are rather subtle, and, like a Solar Return, they comprise just one day.  This transit is likely to bring good luck in the form of gifts, or unsolicited compliments, or favors from friends or work associates.  The same is true when Venus moves through any of the above-mentioned houses.

Jupiter makes a Return to its natal position approximately every twelve years.  The Jupiter Return in particular marks a time when your luck is at its zenith.  When transiting Jupiter conjuncts its natal position in your chart, there is likely to be a sudden flowering of opportunity.  For the most part, you will still have to work hard to make these dreams come true, but you will have more chances than usual to do that.

Naturally, the Jupiter Return is the highlight of good-luck transits.  This transit marks a twelve-year cycle and a period in which important plans and ideas are revised.  It may indicate big new steps, like marriage, business partnership, or independent or cooperative ventures that have long-term implication.   The transiting Jupiter also manages to bring good fortune in various areas of  your life, since it is always transiting somewhere in your chart.

Mars return occurs every two years.  When transiting Mars conjuncts its natal position, you are starting a two-year cycle and should establish the line you want to continue on for the next twenty four months.

Transiting Mars Conjunct Natal Jupiter  is a perfect time to be assertive and to move forward in your career decisions.


Lucky Aspects in the Birth Chart

Venus, or Jupiter in the Second House

Whether you were born rich or poor, your natal Venus or Jupiter in this sector means that you will always have the resources you need to get through tough times.

Venus in the Second House generally means you have expensive tastes.  You crave beauty, and like to surround yourself with nice things, even if the price tag is high.  You always seem to be able to come up with money when you need to.

Jupiter in the Second House sometimes related to a fortunate financial situation related to an inheritance.  This placement can also mean the ability to accumulate and handle money skillfully.  You probably are able to make a lot of money from a relatively small investment.


Natal Jupiter or Venus conjunct The Sun

You are the original cut-up and comic.  You probably spent your school years regaling your classmates with jokes and  tall tales. Some of the entertainment world’s greatest comedians have Jupiter conjunct the Sun.  Even if you are a dignified Capricorn or practical Taurus, you have a really silly side to your personality, and whatever your age, you enjoy showing it off.

Venus conjunct the Sun often softens the appearance, bringing good looks and charm as its gift.  There is also an attraction to, and probably a talent for, the arts.  “Refinement” is often a word associated with Venus.  Its presence elevates and lends sweetness to the personality.  It is definitely a lucky aspect for anyone who makes a living based on personal appearance.


Jupiter, Venus, or The Sun at the Angles of  the Birth Chart

This placement is always fortunate because it means that the transiting planet will make an aspect to its position when it transits any one of these four important points, giving it the effect of a mini-Jupiter (or Venus or Solar) Return.

Naturally, Jupiter on the Ascendant (First-House Cusp) is always considered lucky because it implies an open, generous personality.  Jupiter-Ascendant people also seem to have the gift of drawing lucky circumstances (and people) into their sphere.  Natal Jupiter in the First House is often the harbinger of good health.

Those born with Jupiter on the Nadir (Fourth-House Cusp) frequently have the blessing of a fortunate childhood.  This may manifest itself through material wealth, being “born” to the purple” (Jupiter’s color) is a purely Jupiterian concept, or a happy family life.

These are often the people who grow up in a carefree if dysfunctional family.  Natal Jupiter in this sector often suggests the presence of all-powerful parental figure who is emotionally overbearing, but also loving and generous.

When natal Jupiter sits on the Descendant (the Seventh-House Cusp), there is somewhat of a dichotomy in the individual’s nature.  You want to open up and be as free and wild as possible, but sometimes there are things that hold you back.  Depending on your Ascendant, you may need the impetus of a Jupiter Return in order to just “go with the flow” of this placement.  The good luck elements involve the ability to rally others to your cause.

If natal Jupiter is placed near the Tenth House Cusp, you have an unusually strong desire to succeed in career matters.  Best of all, you seem able to make unerring choices that can spur you toward success, even if your circumstances seem to suggest otherwise.  This is often the astrological signature of the “self-made” individual.  Someone born into ordinary or poor circumstances who manages to achieve great wealth or reputation.

The Sun in any of these four houses often centers the individual’s focus on the matters governed by the house structure.  Venus in these houses is less of an influence than Jupiter or the Sun, but it does create an area of good fortune that you can always depend on no matter how difficult other circumstances may be.  You might also have artistic talents enhanced by Venus in your Fourth or Tenth House.


Natal Jupiter in the Other Houses

When Jupiter is placed in the Third House, you have elevated communication skills and are likely to make a living through travel or the use of verbal or writing talent.

Natal Jupiter in the Fifth House generally gives great success and happiness in romance, and also impacts reative potential in a positive way.

Jupiter in the Sixth House can sometimes undermine your resolve to maintain good health habits, but it does boost your natural resistance to illness.

With Jupiter in the Eighth House, you can rely on the financial help of others.  It also improves your sex life.

Natal Jupiter in the Ninth House creates a really special effect of far-thinking optimism in your personality.  That is because the Ninth House is the universal (natural) home of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. You have a thirst for knowledge and a love of travel.

Your blessings make themselves known through the gift of friendship if natal Jupiter is in the Eleventh House.  You like doing good things for others and may wish to offer a lot of your spare time to humanitarian concerns.  Being generous creates a positive ouflow in your life.  The more you give, the more you receive in return.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House has a subtle yet powerful effect.  The Twelfth House is the sector of secrets, dreams, and the unconscious mind.  This is an area of the natal chart that can benefit from the jovial effects of Jupiter by emphasizing creativity through dream therapy and periodic meditation.


The Sun, Moon, or Venus Trine Jupier 

This is not a powerful aspect, but it is enough to drag you out of the doldrums now and then.  This is where you “go” when you need a burst of good feelings to make yourself feel better.

The natal Sun trine natal Jupiter usually presents a pretty cheery picture, while the natal Moon in trine can mean that your emotions are rather sporadic – up one minute and down the next.  If  Venus trines Jupiter in your Birth Chart, you are fortunate indeed, since your material wants and needs are likely to be taken care of despite your circumstances.  Friends, family members, and even associates always seem ready to lend a hand when you need financial assistance.


The Sun or Venus Square Jupiter

Usually, a “square” is considered as an adverse or difficult aspect.  But, a square aspect with Jupiter in the Birth Chart is better than no connection at all.  While this is the mildest positive influence,  it does produce a lucky effect at times, especially during the Sun or Jupiter transits to the position.  It may act as an inspiration to good fortune, such as inexplicable luck or the ability to make the best of a bad situation.

There are times when you might be inclined to overindulge in food, drink, or good times (especially if the transit takes place in or from the Fifth House), but it is more likely than not to be a positive rather than a negative influence.


In Summary

Natal placements in the Birth Chart are actually the most “lucky” since they never change.  They represent where the planets were at your birth and infuse your chart with good fortune.  They are “focal points” in the chart where you are most likely to experience the favorable breaks in life.

Transits are seasonal or cyclical.  They occur at specific times and serve to recharge the natal position with an influx of energy and vitality.  Jupiter transits reflect areas where opportunities are present in which we must accept the responsibility, challenge, and work hard to take the advantage of it in order to reap benefits from the situation