Are you unhappy with the way things are going in your love life?  Numerology may be able to provide insight into how you can have a better relationship with your loved one.  You may wish to refer to the astrological magic square above.  There are hidden clues via astrology and numerology to be revealed in this magic square of numbers.  You will find that the numbers of this square all add up to the number 15, when they are added horizontally, vertically or even diagonally, and 15 reduces down to the number 6 (15=1+5=6).  In numerology, the number 6 is ruled by the planet Venus and is associated with all love matters.

You will discover that the numbers which are added to reach the sum of 6 may be factors that can be related to your Sun sign and its ruling planet.  It is somewhat like a magic code that reveals the nature of an association and a great deal of information about ourselves and others, especially about those whom we love and who love us in return.


Your ruling planet, Mars, corresponds to the numeral 8 and in the magic square you will find that the number 8 with the Aries influence has a lot to do with action.  Making the first move in romantic matters is as important as having the enthusiasm and energy to keep the flames of desire burning.  The number eight teamed with the fire element sign, Aries, can foretell of relationships that are hot to begin with but may soon burn out.  With the magic of the number eight, you know what areas in your relationship that could use a little extra effort so that your love relationship can withstand many tests of endurance.  The love magic of the number eight is also physical attraction; you will not only want to look “sexy” when you are with your special someone, but you will also want to feel “sexy,” so never neglect taking care of yourself and your partner; make each other’s health and fitness top priority.  You may find with your love for each other, you can magically conquer anything else life tosses your way.


Venus is your ruling planet and it corresponds to the numeral 6 and under the Taurus influence it adds the qualities of loyalty and steadfast devotion.  Your love has depth and mystery as well as magic.  The vibrations of this number emphasize the art of compromise, it speaks of hobbies and interests that are shared, and also respect for when the partner wishes to be alone.  Respecting this need in each other brings contenment and happiness in the relationship.  Quality time together is the objective you seek and magically this number stands for gathering  together in pleasant circumstances.  The meeting places of lovers can be sensually romantic and seductive; yet, a rendezvous can be both exciting and scary.  Home and family are a priority and any temptation that may put these in jeopardy, especially for the Taurus Sun sign, will not be worth the risk.  A loving couple can create their own special magic in the way of a second honeymoon or a vacation to an exotic place.


Mercury, your Sun sign ruler with Gemini influence, corresponds to the numeral 5 and in the magic square it is in the center and ties all other numbers together.  It is through communication, being able to talk and to understand what each other is saying that we express and share our emotions with those we love.  It is the five senses and it is our romantic voice that expresses the pleasures we experience from the sight, hearing, taste, touch and the aroma of the world around us.  It is the sound of a loved one’s voice, the taste of sweet kisses, the sensual touch of physical pleasures or even the scent of a favorite perfume or after shave.  The number five is guidance; it gives advice or direction to those who are searching.  If it cannot supply the answers, it will provide the clues that will satisfy your need to find your own answers.  It is the love magic of helping someone to help themselves which is inherent in the number five.


The Moon and the numeral 2 have long been thought of as very important in magic rituals. Take heed especially to the New Moon and the Full Moon.  Watch the passions of the people play out in those around you.  Be aware of the Moon’s influence as it is a circle of life and a circle of love; it speaks of what we send out being returned to us and is very prominent in situations where there is karma.

Most importantly the number two is often associated with the healing power of love.  Babies who are held, thrive; people who enjoy greeting each other with a hug seem to resist sickness better than those who don’t.  Massages relieve stress and may even build up your immunity; therefore a loving and caring touch may be just the right way to add a little magic to your love life.

LEO – 1

The Sun, your Sun sign ruler, corresponds to the numeral 1.  In the magic square the qualities it bestows are the initiative to take the first step, to run the risk of rejection, to bring confidence to whatever you choose to do.  If you choose to wear or carry a talisman to attract true love to you, it should contain high quality gold.  Size is not important, for even two tiny links of a gold chain can be a symbol of your love relationship.  It is what holds sentiment for you and your loved one that is the key.  Jewelry has long been associated with your Sun sign, Leo, and especially the heart shaped locket is a lucky choice for you.  With the number one, it may be desirable to use an object that is of two pieces which will connect together to form one piece.  The love magic of the number one is a strong bond; and often a couple showing the Leo influence are always being seen together at important public events.  The warmth of the relationship is nurtured by daily exchanges of kisses when greeting each other.  Even older couples never lose the need for the magic of loving embraces.


Mercury is your ruler, with the Virgo influence of the numeral 5; you like to find your own answer to questions or problems.  Travel is significant if number five appears often in your life.  It is the number of guidance, information and ideas that come to you.  In respect to being a magic love number, it is in the center of the magic square.  Being in the center is a lucky position to occupy.  Indeed, most Virgo Sun signs feel the magic of love in their choice of mates, and believe soul mates are this magic manifested, and that fate or destiny puts obstacles in the path of true love for good reasons.  You won’t be a lover who is easily discouraged by difficulties in the relationship.  You know working through whatever problem that aries in the partnership can be just the life experience you both need.  A little stress sometimes is not all bad and working some of the knots loose with your love magic can soothe you both over the sore spots in the relationship.


Venus, your Sun sign ruler of Libra influence, corresponds to the numeral 6.  It is all about love but as the scales as the symbol of your sign suggest, it is about balance and justice, too, and the importance of the marriage contract itself and all that it stands for.  It is the wedding and the social affairs that you may later attend as a couple, it is publicly telling the world how you feel about each other.  Your wedding, no matter if it is small and very private, or as elaborate and large as you and your mate choose to make it, it will always be one of the most romantic and magical times in your life.  Capture these moments and record these precious memories in your albums or scrapbooks.  Photos are magic talismans.  This is a happy time you were able to bring a lifetime of your friends and your spouse’s friends together to meet and enjoy each other’s company.  What better way to get off to a romantic start than to have a friend meet their soul mate at a friend’s wedding, now that is the love magic of Venus at work.


Pluto is your Sun ruler, however your co-ruler is Mars and it corresponds to the numeral 8 and in correlation to the magic square it will help us to consider the Scorpio influence of the number eight and its magic qualities.  It is a number of power and the physical; it is sex, especially concerning procreation.  It is a number that is very important when questions pertain to timelines, blood lines and passionate romances that may have changed the outcome of historical events.  Its magic lies in the ability to consider the needs of others ahead of your own personal desires.  You will be first to acknowledge the power of passionate love, and when you have found yours the whole world is an exhilarating place to be.


Jupiter is your Sun sign ruler and it corresponds to the numeral 3.  It is another number like the number seven that many people consider to be very lucky.  It is a number of wealth and/or abundance of possessions or gifts.  The number three is a number that begins a collection so possibly a lover’s gifts become a treasured collection.  The number three also stands for travel, especially to distant lands, and the sharing of books, music or movies.

The love magic of the number three may have vibrations of a lover’s triangle, the other man or the other woman situation.  You may also see the very strong influence a family member or in-law has on a love relationship; it can be either consutrctive or destructive.


Your Sun sign ruler, Saturn, corresponds to the numeral 4.  The number four is considered to be a sacred number in Native American culture.  It symbolizes the four directions; it brings you to a crossroads.  It is deciding the path you wish to take and gathering the information of where to find your lucky place.  In numerology, it also represents all that is solid and secure.  It is the foundation and the building blocks in a love relationship.  It doesn’t seem like magic when it is coming together, but after a couple meet and make a lifetime commitment, looking back will add dimension and depth to a passionate and long lasting love.  Saturn’s four magic is desire into determination to keep love strong, to work through the small stuff that may aggravate and irritate each other and to value kindness and tolerance for each other.  Saturn’s love magic is living in a loving relationship, happily knowing your efforts to build upon good things are the things that really matter most to you and your loved one.


Your Sun sign ruler, Uranus, corresponds to the numeral 7.  It is a number most often thought to be luckiest of the nine numbers.  It is also the number of spiritual matters, of quiet times, thinking and needing to be alone to reflect on your situation.  The love magic of the number seven is that of being together and loving one another just as much when apart.  It is learning to handle these separations, loving one another in spite of the obstacles that keep you apart some of the time.  It is very important for you as couple to work out what is right for you.  Don’t worry about comparing your relationship to that of other couples as yours is loving and unique.  You would not be happy conforming to what  someone else thinks every couple should be like.  The love magic of the number seven stands strong against the winds of contention and gives you the ability to weather the rough times and rise above the unjust opinions of others.


Neptune, the ruler of your Sun sign, corresponds to the numeral 9.  It places emphasis upon things being finished, not on how the end results are achieved.  It recognizes that there are many different ways to arrive at the same result.  In questions about love, its influence speaks of fate and is a number that appears frequently in the charts of soul mates.  It is like the 29th degree of the astrological signs holding a key planet which rules the romantic matters of a horoscope/birth chart.  Spiritual love and idealism are also the strength of this number when found in a psychic reading.

On a weaker and somewhat negative level, the number nine of Neptune influence warns of impetuous behavior, acting before thinking, the mistakes of youth where one rushes into love affairs.  In a love relationship, it can turn bitter if one or both partners get into the habit of nagging.