Pu To Shan (Pu To Mountain), a natural beauty island, rises sharply and dramatically out of the East China Sea.  This beautiful island has been a holy place for at least 2000 years.

The significance of Pu To Shan is that  it is believed it’s the original sacred site for the worship of  Kuan-Yin, a Buddhist Goddess of Mercy,  the One who Hears the Cry of the Suffering World.  Kuan-Yin is the most celebrated Goddess in Asia because she offers the compassion to the poor and the needy.

Kuan-Yin (also known as Kuan Shi Yin)  is what is known as a Bodhisattva, having attained divine enlightenment, chooses to remain “in the world” as a comforter among us.

Many traditional Chinese believe that fate determines certain aspects of our lives.  Certain things of our lives are predestined.  In many cases, they are the results of our previous lives.  But, beyond these things, we are in the charge of our own fate and destiny.  There is always the possibility of changes, for good or bad.  Hardwork, education,  spiritual developments, and compassionate acts, etc. can alter our fate.

When we are faced with misfortune, tragedy or crisis  that are beyond our control, we often seek  the guidance from the Mighty or Divine to help resolve our crises.  As a Buddhist, I turn to Kuan-Yin,  Mother of Compassion,  for  help and guidance.  Kuan-Yin has been my strength all along.

Although Kuan-Yin has many manifestations, she is not a magician.  Kuan-Yin can only work with what is, even if she can produce an amazing result.  Kuan-Yin works with what is there regardless of who they are, through various manifestations depending up the situation and environment.  Kuan-Yin can offer a fresh start, but she does not wipe out the past.  She works with what is available, or with the potential for changes.

Kuan-Yin has many titles.  Each title is associated with a manifestation. Some of her famous titles and manifestations are:  the White Clad Kuan-Yin, the Willow Branch Kuan-Yin, Kuan-Yin Standing on Dragon, Kuan-Yin Bringing You a Child, and Kuan-Yin with Thousand-Arm and Thousand-Eye, etc.

“Na Mo Kuan Shi Yin Pusa.”  This is the prayer which is recited by all Kuan Yin devotees daily throughout the world to pay homage to Kuan Yin.  Those who recite the great prayer with a sincere heart will surely find it quite easy to practice great loving kindness and great sympathy towards others, because Kuan Yin’s compassion will then flow through them and lead them to walk the Path of Mercy.

In invoking Kuan-Yin for help, we reach out the light side and the gentle side of the Divinity.  We hear and see the love and mercy, wisdom and compassion in our inner world.  Calmly gaze upon Kuan-Yin’s gentle and serene face, we see the  inner peace and the hope in our heart that empowers us to think and act positively.

People around the world are touched by Kuan-Yin’s mystery.  Her images and stories give us an amazing sense of peace, wisdom and compassion. Thousands of people turn to her for guidance and inspiration each day.  She is Kuan-Yin, also known as Kuan Shi Yin,  the One who Hears the Cry of the Suffering World.  Kuan-Yin offers her wisdom and compassion to those who call upon her and  will meet her in their heart.

Kuan Shi Yin

(By: Jason Ranek, 05/15/2010)

Willow branch

Unrepelled by tears,

Bowing low,

Touching the river’s

Changing scars,


Name hovering

Like spice from joss

Sticks, you standing

In leaf-lit timber,

Early spring,


Poised on one foot – –

Balanced yogic

Perfection – – you:


Mounting a golden


Lion, hands two

Lotuses, mouth to kiss

The running sores

Of the afflicted,




And riding bareback

The dragon of human

Passions, tipping

Your elixir vase.






Praise of Kuan Yin

Avalokitesvara (Kuan Yin) Bodhisattva,

Honored and worshipped by all,

As the fully Enlightened One.

Her great vows are profound and vast.

On the turbulent sea of life,

She provides the ferry-boat to those in needs

And guides the way.

She brings the comforts to the sufferers

Who invoke her name sincerely and mindfully

And bestows blessings.

She, the Most Merciful and Compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva,

Manifests herself and showers mercy just in time in all realms.