In ancient times, people used the Tablets of Fate, which were printed on a thin silver of bone or leather, for obtaining guidance for the questions regarding the various aspects of their lives.  The Tablets of Fate consists of the Earth Tablet, the Sun Tablet, the Moon Tablet, the Tablet of Mercury,  the Tablet of Venus, the Tablet of Mars, and the Tablet of Jupiter.  I converted those Tablets into the format of Wheels and present these wheels here for entertainment only.

The Earth Wheel:  It is used for assessing whether you should ask the question at all.  The wheel tells you to wait and ask your question later, or not to ask it at all.

The Sun Wheel:  It is used for questions about time and the future.  It has to do with time and timing.

The Moon Wheel:  It is used for questions about the environment and immediate surroundings.  For example, you can ask such question as “Should I change my residence?”

The Wheel of Mercury:  It is used for questions on the subject of  travel and communication.

The Wheel of Venus:  It is used for questions relating to a present romance, or a relationship you hope to have in the future.

The Wheel of Mars:  It is used for career-related questions.  Ask it questions relating to your present job, your career path, or whether it is wise for you to make a professional change.

The Wheel of Jupiter:  It is meant for questions relating to luck and fortune.  For example, you can ask it about what to expect from an upcoming event or project, or whether something you have been wishing for will happen.

If you are interested in these wheels, you can print it, cut the wheel shape out, stick a toothpick or a pencil through the middle of it.  Practice meditation before asking questions.  When your mind is calm and still, sincerely and mindfully ask ONE question.  Start with the Earth Wheel.  Spin the wheel, when the wheel stops referring to 12:00 noon position for the answer.

(Spring Liao, 1/19/09)