Poem No. 61

Meaning:  Cherish your good fortune and adapt to the changing environment.


Appreciate and share your good fortune,  be kind and generous to those you meet, and adapt yourself to the constantly changing conditions.

Be willing to adjust to the changing environment and circumstances.  Harmony happens when you share and share alike.  Generosity and goodwill create lucky, loving contacts.

Poem No. 62

Meaning:  Buddha within enlightening and guiding you.


Put the drarkness behind, let go of the past, and move forward with  confidence.  The long-waited rewards finally is bestowed, accept and appreciate it with a humble and gratitude attitude.  And, remember to help those who need your help.

If you don’t believe in fate, open your eyes to what is happening in your life right now.  It appears that you are guided and protected by some unseen force.


Poem No. 63

Meaning:  Searching for the needle in the sea.


Fishing for a needle in the ocean, searching for a needle in a haystack.  Strive for the impossible or illusory.  Be realistic and make practical choices.

Searching for an ideal can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  That obviously won’t deter adventurers who love to adventure.

Poem No. 64

Meaning:  The fish is swimming into a net.


Bite the hook.  Hurl oneself willingly into the net.  Sometimes, a smart person does things that hurt himself/herself.

Pressure, worries, obstacles add strain to everyday projects.  Work through a problem methodically.  Be extra cautious, and diligence is needed to deal with red tape and on going delays.  You could be over the worst of an uneasy, dangerous situation.  Quiet meditation will help to keep you properly focused.


Poem No. 65

Meaning:  Cutting the flesh to cure a boil.


A makeshift to tide over a present difficulty.  To help someone through a difficult time with a loan, or gift of money.  Use your common sense, do not cut a part of yourself off to make a patch.

There may be joy in responsibilities if you approach it with maturity and wisdom.  Put yourself into someone else’s shoes, and feel compassion, and offer assistance reasonably.

Poem 66

Meaning:  The ship is broken down in the rushing shoal.


The ship got stranded on a shoal. The negotiations have come to a deadlock.  You are forced to let go of something now.  It is life’s obstacles that help you grow.  And, it is growth that helps you reach our goals.

Pulling up roots can be a sad occasion for those who are especially close to home and loved ones.  Turn the crisis into an opportunity for growth in a new direction.  Something that was broken probably shouldn’t be mended.  You are resilient enough to bounce back.  Turn into spiritual vibrations.


Poem No. 67

Meaning:  Being peaceful, calm in mind and honest, integrity in disposition.


Expand your circle of friends to  include those who share your ideals and beliefs, or are involved in humanitarian eforts.  Contribute your talents and wisdom to the society.

Good judgment, keen powers of observation, mental confidence buoy outlooks.  Stretch your thinking to encompass broad truth.  Express beliefs with confidence and certainty, and others respond.

Poem  No. 68

Meaning:  Glorious flowers in spring dream.


Spring dream symbolizes transient joy.  Open the doors widely to the blessing which doesn’t come often.  Grasp the opportunity to ride on the crest to success.

A pleasant surprise is ahead for you.  Charm and beauty are everywhere.  You deserve, and get the best.  Explore the world and share it joyfully with friendly others.

Poem No. 69

Meaning:  Being Crowned with plum blossoms.


The plum blossom symbolizes strength and wisdom.  Finally, after your tireless great efforts,  you are rewarded with a gold medal and the honorable title of hero.

Appreciate a chance to be gracious and gregarious.  You have reached your goal, now get started with a new one and move ahead.

Poem No. 70

Meaning:   The bees are darting among the flowers and landing to extract nectar.


You have been working hard day and night.  Make sure you eat properly and exercise regularly, so you have the energy to progress to the next stage of growth.

You can accomplish almost anything if you put your mind to it and work hard.  Your hard work will bring you some material success, spend it wisely with reasonal limits.


 Poem No. 71

Meaning:  One bow handles two arrows.


A bow handling two arrows will not function at all.  A person who is trying to stand on two boats will fall into the water.  A short-cut for getting rich quickly will not work.  Be earnest and down-to-earth.

If you keep one foot in the real world and the other in fantasyland, things might get very interesting.  You will be falling apart.  Greed and possessiveness won’t further relationships or financial dealings.  To grow, surrender or compromise.

Poem No. 72

Meaning:   Bees are flying together among flowers to collect the nectar for producing honey.


People are gathering for activities and socializing.  Your communication skills are well honed.  It is good time to try new things, go new places and meet new people.

You are so gifted and creative, it would be a shame to waste your talents.  You will feel blessed to work together and share the good life with important others.


Poem No. 73

Meaning:  Spring thunder brings out all the bugs.


The withered plants revived in the rain.  Hope revived in people who have been suffering.  It is time to take action to proceed your sound and solid plans.

Storm clouds blow away and you’re left with a sense of fulfillment.  It is the time to put your wishes in concrete form and send them out into the cosmos for their eventual return to you.

Poem No. 74

Meaning:  Just like the graceful swan wanting to throw itself into the water.


The swan is longing to get into the water and to fish for food.  It seems that you are struggling hard to escape from a difficult situation.  Despite the setbacks, you are determined to continue maintaining your good works and faith.

You need to be close to those you love, to nurture and be nurtured.  Aren’t you glad you took the initiative to resolve an ongoing conflict?


Poem No. 75

Meaning:  Carrying a tiger to climb over a mountain.


Unless the tiger is your friendly pet, you are travling with a wrong companion. It seems that you are unable to reach a decision.   Let the wisdom of the heart provides you with a positive spirit to overcome the obstacles.

Don’t let a negative emotion dominate your behavior.  Watch where you are going.  One false move and you could find yourself on the outside looking in.

Poem 76

Meaning:  The fish and dragon make no changes.


The fish and dragon are hiding in the water and waiting patiently for their time.  Return to the very basics of your soul and contemplate each and every thing you have acquired.  Proceed to weed out the excesses that are taking up spiritual space and make room for the new things.

Choose an option, then take a practical step to achieve it.  Security and stability protect finance and relationship.  Slow, steady growth brings long-tem comforts.


Poem No. 77

Meaning:  Obtaining the treasure (that you have been hoping for) in the dreamland.


It is an auspicious omen.  You have the willpower and potential to make your dream come true.  Put out the energy of your mind to attract those new needs and desire into your life.

A change you didn’t anticipate could work out beautifully.  What a great development.  Things seem ideal, feeling at peace.

Poem No. 78

Meaning:  Doing things with simplicity, goodwill and integrity.


Don’t freeze the fresh water into the ice, and don’t boil up the water either.  Make do with what you have and don’t cause any troubles.  Return to the very basics of your soul.

Too much of a good thing won’t always make things run smoothly.  If you don’t rush and get careless, a lot can be accomplished.  Be open to all options that can bring security and comfort.


Poem No. 79

Meaning:  Believe in what is solid, real and not false ones.


Don’t take it at face value.  Sometimes, the name falls short of the reality.  Don’t be fooled by the spendid appearance because it may not be real, true.  What you see and what you hear about may be false.

Do not accept superficial answers and behaviors from others.  You’re wiser and richer if you don’t take anything at face value and do not lock yourself into a difficult situation.  Dig for the truth.

Poem No. 80

Meaning: The wise man comes to greet you.


It is the time for you to shine.  Be determined, self-reliant, and ambitious.  Now, it is the time to move forward. It is the time to pursue dreams that will make your life more meaningful.

A little bit of intuition or spirit can guide you now.  This could be a new beginning for those who are spiritually attuned.