The legend of madonna exists in many spiritual and cultural traditions.  The most famous Madonna is the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ.  One will find that Mary’s presence is with pregnancy and birthing, regardless of circumstances.  Many mothers-to-be and mothers come under Her comforting and understanding ray of blessedness, no matter what their religious belief may be.

The painters/artists from the past painted Mary and Her child with the clothings fashioned during the time period of the painters/artists rather than the fashion of Mary’s times.  I thought that if one day I would paint the Mary and the Child, I would follow the same pattern.  I think that if Mary would have been alive today, it would be very possible that She would be a single mother with a job to support herself and Her child without the child support from other sources.

Today, the image of “Madonna and Child” is a symbol of nurturing, caring, and love.  Nothing equals the love of a mother to her child.  A mother’s love transcends space and time.  The following images are my modern version of “Madonna and Child,” which is a combination of painting and paper art.