Author:  Kristy Barrett, Commiskey, IN, USA, May 10th, 2016


You were taken from my life so young.

Gone to a better place,

Up in Heaven above.

You have become one of God’s Angels.

In peace you now rest for eternity.

But, I still love and miss you.


Love me all the time,

Everday and night.

Love me.

I love you being around me all the time.

I love being here beside you all the time.

You are my Baby that I love.


You can stay around me everyday.

All the time no matter what.

I feel empty inside when you are not around.

I miss you and I need you when you are not around.

You should love me and be around me.


You’re my favorite thing to play with.

Love you all the time,

Not just some of the time.

You’re a sight for love’s eyes.

I am happy when I look at you.


A gentle kiss on the lips.

An embrace reassuring all is going to be okay.

Words I love you whispered in my ear.

Memories to hold closest dear.

Emptiness filled up my feelings.

Replacing the void you left in its place.

So much love in my heart.

Calmness to fill your loneliness.

My name left for you and a hold close to your heart.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


I would not cry if I didn’t care.

Everytime I shed a tear it is because of you.

All the pain and hurt you’ve caused me can’t be erased.

It’s not a way to live your life, dwelling in the past.

I need to move on.

I can’t move on if I stay living in the past.


Getting through a terrible time.

Don’t ask God for His help,

And, you will make it.

I want you to be so happy with me.

And then I will treat you the best.

I’ll give you my everything.

Hearts can be broken.

Hearts can be healed.

For that love you’ve longed for so long.


(Note:  Special thanks to Kristy Barrett for sending above poems to me.) 


The following images are my paintings of Angels.  Please click the images to learn more.


(Spring Liao, 05/15/2016)