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My name is Spring Liao and I am the sole owner of this website.  I am a Chinese-American woman who was born and raised in Taiwan, and came to the United States in 1972.  I  currently reside in Southern California.   With a passion for sharing the feeling in my heart, and with the inspiration and encouragement  from Scholars of www.fengshuibestbuy.com, I wish to sell  the prints for those Chinese brush paintings that I had done in years of 1972, 1992, 1995 and 2003 on the internet.  With the supports and assistance from my relatives and friends, my dream finally became reality in October of 2003.

During Aug. - Oct. 2003, with the inspiration from Feng Shui Scholars I did those auspicious paintings for Feng Shui greeting cards.  And, in October of 2003 I started the building of this website myself  with  a great deal of pleasure and joy.  I can expect that you will be excited about my creation.

I have been a reader and subscriber to  "Dell Horoscope" magazine since my son, who is my only child, died of Leukemia at age of eight, in year of 1982.  My husband of 30 years divorced me and remarried in year of 2000.   Western astrology has helped me understand my family and my own life.  The knowledge and understanding gained through astrological birth chart interpretations and planets transits have helped me develop a great interest in spiritual things.

The celebration of Chinese New Year of the Monkey on January 22, 2004, gave me the good energy to start  adding the pages for basic western astrology.  It is dedicated to those who have a genuine interest in learning the basics of Astrology.  With an Astrological Birth Chart, you  may start yourself on the path of astrological self-discovery. 

On April 23, 2004,  with the inspiration from a friend of mine, I added the pages of "Bodhidarma" who was the founder of Chinese Chan Buddhism, the founder of Shaolin Gong-Fu School, and the father of Japanese Zen Buddhism. 

This friend also inspires me to do the Chinese ink painting of "Bodhidarma" who represents wisdom and compassion, strong will and perseverance, meditation and mind development, and unity of body and spirit.

On September 14, 2004, transiting Mars (actions) conjunct the New Moon (new beginning) formed favorable aspects to the natal Sun (confidence) and the progressed Mercury (communication) in my western astrological birth chart.  These beneficial transits gave me the good energy and enthusiasm to start a significant project -- adding I CHING - THE BOOK OF CHANGES (No. 1 - No. 5) to my website.  For those familiar with the I CHING, mine will open some new insights and discoveries in a manner different from others, and for those new to the I CHING, enjoy learning this inexhaustible source of wisdom.

In July of 2005, I created the "KUAN YIN ORACLE" (No. 1 - No. 5), and 2 months later, I created "THE BUDDHA SPEAKING CARDS (or THE BUDDHA TAROT)" (No. 1 - No. 6).  Again, I created the "CHINESE FORTUNE ORACLE " (No. 1 - No. 5), "THE GREAT COMPASSION MANTRA" (No. 1 - No. 6), "THE MONKEY KING " (No. 1 - No. 3) and "THE JOURNEY TO THE WEST" (No. 1 - No. 3), and more.   I hope that you will enjoy viewing my creations.

Please click RESOURCES on top menu of this website, then click ALL POST (or, ALL TOPICS) to view the complete list of  my creations.  

Life is full of pains.  Life is also full of choices.  Accepting the pain is a strength , not a failure.  When things fall apart, be fearless in difficult times, and choose to turn the crisis into an opportunity for spiritual growth.  Every time you overcome an obstacle, your mind gets stronger.  So the obstacles are not really obstacles; they are there to help you get stronger.

Suffering is a part of our growing process.  Each time when we suffer, part of our karmic debts melt away like the snow in the sun.  And, we do have the power to transform and heal the sufferings.  No matter how much great joys you enjoyed, the sum of your gain, joy, success and happiness is always smaller than the sum of loss, aging, sickness and death.  So, don't forget your spiritual life.  May you find  joy, peace and love on your spiritual path toward enlightenment.

We all age.  While growing old, may we always be well, happy and in good health.









                                Author and her son in Pomona, California, in 1981



                                      Self-portrait - 1984:                       




                                       Self-portrait - April 7, 2009:                                               



                                     Hsi-Lai Temple, Los Angeles County, 2014



Everyday is a happy day.

Everyday is a lucky day. 

So, show your happy face.

So, show your smiling face.


Everyday is a happy day.

Everyday is a lucky day

So, be patient.

So, be confident.


Everyday is a happy day.

Everyday is a lucky day.

So, be considerate.

So, be compassionate.


Everyday is a happy day.

Everyday is a lucky day.

So, count your joys.

So, count your blessings.


Everyday is a happy day.

Everyday is a lucky day.

So, be thankful.

So, be grateful.



                               Author (second person from right) with her siblings in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA, in 2009.               



                             Author (fifth person from right) with her siblings in Rancho Cucamonga, CA,  USA, in 2009.





On 02/18/2015, I visited Hsi-Lai Temple, Hacienda Heights, Southern California for an early celebration of  Chinese New Year - the Year of the Sheep, 2015.  Its New Year decorations were truly amazing. The above two images show the New Year scenes in the temple. 


Mr. Henry Hong has been my good neighbor and good friend in this senior apartment complex in City of Rancho Cucamonga since November of 2010.  He moved out this month, November of 2015, for the reason that was beyond his control.  Mr. Hong is a devout Christian.  He always attends the "Early Morning Prayer" and does volunteer work in his church.   I really appreciate Mr. Hong's inspiration and friendship, and I wish him the very best.  The following two images of Mr. Hong and me were taken in this senior apartment complex.  (11/30/2015)



Two weeks before the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Monkey, which begins on February 8, 2016, I visited Hsi-Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, Southern California, for  a special Dharma service.  The makings of arrangements and decorations for the Year of the Monkey in the Temple are in good progress.  The following images show some of the scenes to be getting ready for the New Year celebrations in the Temple.  (01/24/2016) 



 I visited Hsi-lai Temple for the Lantern Festival celebration on 02/22/2016.  The following image shows the beautiful display for the Year of the Monkey in the Temple.  (02/24/2016)



During the weekdays, I like to eat lunch at the Senior Center in the City of Rancho Cucamonga (Southern California). Their low-cost healthy meals are delicious and volunteer food servers are great.   Recently I noticed that there is a friendly couple sitting at the same dining table where I usually sit for lunch.  When I learned that they speak Chinese Mandarin, I started to communicate with them through Chinese Mandarin.  This nice couple, Mr. & Mrs. Cao, told me that they came from China to visit their son and his family near Rancho Cucamonga.  They took the English class at this Senior Center and then ate lunch in their dining room.  Their wonderful son helps them settle down in the USA, and they really enjoy staying here.  It's a great pleasure to have some delightful chats with this sweet couple during the lunch time, and I cherish their friendship.  The following image of Mr. & Mrs. Cao and me (far left) was taken in this dining room.  (09/17/2016)


I visited Hsi-Lai Temple (Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles County) for the celebration of Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster, which began on January 28, 2017.  The following two images show the beautiful displays and decorations of the Year of the Rooster in the Temple.  (02/04/2017)



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