Fei Tian, literally means “fly heaven; fly sky,” is a flying deity, and is also one of the most unique and distinctive elements of Chinese art. In Buddhist scripture, Fei Tian is called the Goddess of Heavenly Song, or Music. Moreover, due to her fragrance, she is also referred to as Fragrant Goddess with a Sweet Voice. The mural (wall painting) art of Fei Tian in several cave temples in China came from India. In Indian mythology, the flying Apsaras, or Fei Tian in Chinese, is said to be the goddess of clouds and water, who lives in lakes, and flies gracefully and freely under bodhi trees. They are commonly accepted as the Oriental Angels. (Note:  As my donation, the original paintings of Fei Tian have been shipped to Daifukuji Temple in Hawaii on 09/18/2017.)