According to the astrological data, Jesus Christ was born around March 1, 7 BC.  His Sun, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus were all in the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, the sign containing elements of all the signs that have gone before.  The symbol of Pisces is the fish and its qualities are compassion, self-sacrifice and martyrdom.  Six of ten astrological bodies in close conjunction might give him the appearance of a bright star.  Jesus Christ, the man who changed history, had the humblest of births (a borrowed stable) and the worst of deaths (naked, nailed on a cross, surrounded by thieves and jeering crowds.)  He was allowed to “call it off” at any point in the excruciating process, but did not.  He chose to make Himself a sacrifice for a sinful world.  He had  vast  compassion for the lonely, the rejected, the abandoned and the suffering. He said that one penny from a poor woman was more pleasing to God than the gold of a rich man.   In a Christian text, the author states,  “Christ is born in our soul, and when we recognize that birth, when we become conscious of Christ’s being born within us, that is the time we are saved.”  This writer also says, “Christ is born when we become conscious of his birth in us.  And his birth is dependent on this:  the death of all our selfish desires.  So, when the self is given up, and when silence is attained, that is the moment that Jesus Christ is born in our soul.”