The panda is an endangered bear from bamboo forests in the Mountains of China. This black and white mammal gets to be about 3 to 4 feet tall at the shoulders and weighs about 250 pounds. The panda mostly eats bamboo. It spends most of the day eating bamboo shoots and leaves. The panda is different from other bears. It has cat-like eyes and unusual hands with 5 clawed fingers plus a wrist bone that moves like an opposable thumb. I would like to share with you the following interesting story, which inspired me to do these Chinese ink painting of pandas. In the zoo, there was a party celebrating panda’s birthday. While panda was eating his birthday cake, he was asked: “Panda, what are your birthday wishes?” Panda replied: “My first wish is to get rid of my black eyes. My second wish is to take color pictures.” I added the following wishes for panda. “My third wish is to have organic bamboo, and my fourth wish is to lose weight.”