After painting, drawing many images of Kuan Yin who is the Buddhist Goddess of Great Compassion, I wish to express the beauty and serenity of Kuan Yin with a different form. So, I tried it with the art of paper-cutting to create the beautiful images of Kuan Yin in paper form. Here are my creations. (Note:  As my donation, these original artwork of paper-cutting of Kuan Yin have been shipped to Daifukuji Buddhist Temple in Kealakekua, Hawaii, USA, on 08/17/2017.)

"Kuan Yin - Bold Strokes Painting

“Kuan Yin (5),” Prints, 8″ x 11″, $5.95 Ea


Figure & Animal Paintings

Happy Buddha, Print, 7″x10″, 1972