The Tiger is one of the most dynamic signs of the Chinese Zodiac. People born in Tiger years are highly competitive, adventurous, and very confident in their own abilities – they are the sorts who can, and will, get things done. Tiger people are aggressive, courageous, candid and sensitive. Their towering passion, ambition and all-or-nothing attitude can take them all the way to the top in whatever they endeavor to do. They crave excitement and get bored easily.

Tigers fiercely stand up for what they believe in and for this, coupled with their courage and dedication, they are respected by both friend and foe. The intrinsic element of this sign is wood, and its direction is east-northeast. The Tiger is the third sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Tiger Years:
02/08/1902 to 01/28/1903 (Water), 01/26/1914 to 02/13/1915 (Wood), 02/13/1926 to 02/01/1927 (Fire), 01/31/1938 to 02/18/1939 (Earth), 02/17/1950 to 02/05/1951 (Metal), 02/05/1962 to 01/24/1963 (Water), 01/23/1974 to 02/10/1975 (Wood), 02/09/1986 to 01/28/1987 (Fire), 01/28/1998 to 02/15/1999 (Earth), 02/14/2010 to 02/02/2011 (Metal), 02/01/2022 – 01/21/2023 (Water).